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When you are searching for a bail bonds company in Grand Rapids, we hope you choose 1st Assured Bail Bonds. We make bail bonds easy, fast and convenient. We understand the stresses involved when you or a loved one finds themselves in one of the worst situations possible, under arrest and in jail. Discovering that somebody you know is in jail is very traumatic and many people don’t know where to turn. We take the fear out of the process and work with you diligently to ensure release as quickly as possible.

A bondsman, or bail bonds agent, is a person that will act with surety and pledge money as bail for the appearance of the person accused at an appointed court date. We are not here to judge, our sole purpose is the timely release of our client. We will explain the process to you and happily answer any questions you might have concerning everything from the time it takes to get released to what to do after someone gets out of jail. We work as fast as possible because we know that every hour spent in a Grand Rapids jail is an hour wasted. The sooner our client can get out of jail, the sooner our client can seek the legal advice needed to move forward in the process.

Making arrangements for a bail bond is easier than you might think and it begins with a phone call. We will be waiting.


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At 1st Assured Bail Bonds, we realize that you may not be familiar with what a bond means.



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