1. Give Your Bail Bondsman in Ottawa County a Call

    You might be a law-abiding citizen and think you will never wind up in jail. Good for you. But you just never know what surprises life has in store for us. Believe it or not, people have actually gone to jail for committing extremely minor offenses like jaywalking. No kidding. So even if you walk the straight and narrow, you could still wind up behind bars. And if you do, give your bail bondsma…Read More

  2. What Happens When You Don’t Show Up for Court

    When you post bail, either through a bail bond or cash or other methods, it’s a promise that you intend to show up to your court dates. The United States justice system offers bail as a way for people to get out of jail and get back to their lives while they await their trial. It’s a great system because it allows you to keep your job and be with your family while you wait for your next court…Read More

  3. How to Choose a Bail Bondsman

    Choosing the Right Bail Bondsman is Important Most Grand Haven bail bondsmen are dedicated to helping their client get out of jail quickly and then work to get their lives back on track. Most of them are honest, trustworthy, and professional. Unfortunately, this is the case for all of them. So how do you know which bail bondsman is trustworthy? Who do you choose to work with in the Grand Haven are…Read More

  4. What to Think About When Co-Signing on Bail Bonds

    Co-Signing for Bail Bonds is a Big Responsibility When friends or family members come into our Grand Rapids bail bonds office to secure the release of their loved one, they are eager to get the work done as quickly as possible. That’s understandable; having a loved one in jail can be scary. However, before we allow a friend or family member to sign for a bail bond for their loved one, we make su…Read More

  5. How a Grand Rapids Bondsman Can Help Our Community

    Our Grand Rapids Bondsman Secures Your Release Quickly When someone contacts us that they need to get out of jail or need to help a friend or family member get out of jail, we don’t waste any time. We know that when you or a loved one are sitting in jail, every minute counts. That’s why we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and why our Grand Rapids bondsman knows the justice system inside…Read More

  6. Here are Just a Few Benefits of Using Your Ottawa County Bail Bonds Company

    When you get in trouble and find yourself in jail, it is a pretty frightening experience. It is even all the more frightening if this happens to be your fist arrest. But since the legal system says you are innocent until proven guilty, you will likely get the opportunity to post bond for your release. Here are just a few benefits of using your Ottawa County bail bonds company. When a friend or a l…Read More