1. Call Your Muskegon Bail Bonds Service or Suffer a Night in Jail

    Sometimes through actions that you don't normally do or through mistakes or just plain bad luck, some of you will find yourselves in a situation with an unhappy consequence. You will wind up having to spend some time in jail. Unless you call 1st Assured Bail Bonds, your bail bonds service in Muskegon, then you will get out of jail as soon as possible. But if that isn't an option or you are just to…Read More

  2. Your Grand Rapids Bondsman Gives You this List of Chores that are Way Better than Sitting in Jail

    Chores and running errands are just a part of life and never end. Just as soon as you drop off the kids at school and stop at the post office to mail a package, you get a text from your spouse asking if you can stop by the store to pick up a few necessities. You then get home only to have to endure chores. You have to cook dinner. And then you have to clean up after dinner. You spend an hour scrub…Read More

  3. Bail Bondsman Grand Rapids and Boredom

    If you don't call your bail bondsman in Grand Rapids when you get arrested, you could wind up spending some time in jail. When you spend time in jail, you have plenty of time to do absolutely┬ánothing. When there is nothing to do, there is a good chance that you will get bored. When you get bored, you come to the conclusion that calling a bondsman is a good idea. But if you still don't get it and …Read More

  4. Your Grand Rapids Bondsman and a DUI Conviction

    The Majority of people are well aware of the immediate effects of a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol. A DUI could result in a suspended driver's license, fines, drug or alcohol classes, the installation of a monitoring unit, probation or even jail time. And if this isn't bad enough, most people fail to consider the long-term effects of a DUI. If you are ever arrested for drivi…Read More

  5. Here are Just a Few Benefits of Using Your Ottawa County Bail Bonds Company

    When you get in trouble and find yourself in jail, it is a pretty frightening experience. It is even all the more frightening if this happens to be your fist arrest. But since the legal system says you are innocent until proven guilty, you will likely get the opportunity to post bond for your release. Here are just a few benefits of using your Ottawa County bail bonds company. When a friend or a l…Read More

  6. Contact a Bail Bonds Agency in Grand Haven

    In order to create a financial┬áincentive for those accused of a crime to return to court voluntarily, courts will ask for bail money, the amount based mostly on the seriousness of the crime. For example, a person charged with murder will certainly have a bond much higher than a person who has been charged with trespassing or petty theft. Since there are many people who cannot afford bond, their f…Read More

  7. The Person First Called When Someone is Arrested is a Grand Rapids Bail Bondsman

    The first person you call when you get arrested is not always your lawyer, in many cases, the person first called when someone is arrested is a Grand Rapids bail bondsman. Not all crimes will warrant the need for a bondsman as there are many minor offenses in which a standard bond is issued and the arrestee is released quite quickly, spending very little if no time in a jail cell. Serious charges,…Read More

  8. Need the Help of a Trustworthy Grand Rapids Bondsman?

    Many Americans will have the displeasure of experiencing, first-hand, the inside of a jail cell. But if you think that only criminals wind up in such a place then you need to open your eyes and reconsider. According to FBI estimates as cited by the Wall Street Journal, there have been over a quarter billion arrests in the last 20 years, a surge that is marked by law enforcement cracking down on ev…Read More