1. Give Your Bail Bondsman in Ottawa County a Call

    You might be a law-abiding citizen and think you will never wind up in jail. Good for you. But you just never know what surprises life has in store for us. Believe it or not, people have actually gone to jail for committing extremely minor offenses like jaywalking. No kidding. So even if you walk the straight and narrow, you could still wind up behind bars. And if you do, give your bail bondsma…Read More

  2. Call Your Ottawa County Bail Bonds Service and You Will Be Released as Soon a Possible

    In most cases, when you get arrested, you can call your Ottawa county bail bonds service and you will be released as soon a possible. However, there are certain instances and circumstances in which you could be denied bond. Here are a few reasons you could be denied bond. Judge's Decision A judge has the right to take into consideration certain aspects of a defendant's situation when considering d…Read More

  3. You Might Find Yourself Under Arrest in Ottawa County and in Need of a Bail Bonds Company

    It is likely you aren't reading this because you are thinking about going out and getting arrested, this is not how most people start their day. But unfortunately, we all make mistakes or sometimes we wind up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Some of you might even find yourselves a victim of an injustice. There are any number of reasons you might find yourself under arrest in Ottawa County an…Read More

  4. Employment Opportunity — Process Server

    Process Server *Interested applicants please visit the 1stassuredbailbonds.com employment section - PLEASE NO PHONE CALLS OR WALK INS. 1st Assured Bail Bonds is looking for licensed Bail Agents, Fugitive Recovery Agents (Bounty Hunters), Private Investigators and Process Servers. Full and part time positions available. Process Server qualifications: 18 years of age or older Reliable transportatio…Read More

  5. Here are Just a Few Benefits of Using Your Ottawa County Bail Bonds Company

    When you get in trouble and find yourself in jail, it is a pretty frightening experience. It is even all the more frightening if this happens to be your fist arrest. But since the legal system says you are innocent until proven guilty, you will likely get the opportunity to post bond for your release. Here are just a few benefits of using your Ottawa County bail bonds company. When a friend or a l…Read More

  6. Contact a Bail Bonds Agency in Grand Haven

    In order to create a financial incentive for those accused of a crime to return to court voluntarily, courts will ask for bail money, the amount based mostly on the seriousness of the crime. For example, a person charged with murder will certainly have a bond much higher than a person who has been charged with trespassing or petty theft. Since there are many people who cannot afford bond, their f…Read More

  7. The Person First Called When Someone is Arrested is a Grand Rapids Bail Bondsman

    The first person you call when you get arrested is not always your lawyer, in many cases, the person first called when someone is arrested is a Grand Rapids bail bondsman. Not all crimes will warrant the need for a bondsman as there are many minor offenses in which a standard bond is issued and the arrestee is released quite quickly, spending very little if no time in a jail cell. Serious charges,…Read More

  8. Need the Help of a Trustworthy Grand Rapids Bondsman?

    Many Americans will have the displeasure of experiencing, first-hand, the inside of a jail cell. But if you think that only criminals wind up in such a place then you need to open your eyes and reconsider. According to FBI estimates as cited by the Wall Street Journal, there have been over a quarter billion arrests in the last 20 years, a surge that is marked by law enforcement cracking down on ev…Read More

  9. Thanksgiving is Nearly Here and Family Bonding May Not Happen Unless a Grand Rapids Bail Bondsman is Part of the Picture

    Thanksgiving is nearly here and family bonding may not happen unless a Grand Rapids bail bondsman is part of the picture. We are not making jokes at anyone's expense, it remains a sad fact that if you have a family member who has been recently arrested, they may miss Thanksgiving dinner if you cannot bail them out. This is why you need our help. You see, unless you can come up with the full amount…Read More