1. Call Your Ottawa County Bail Bonds Service and You Will Be Released as Soon a Possible

    In most cases, when you get arrested, you can call your Ottawa county bail bonds service and you will be released as soon a possible. However, there are certain instances and circumstances in which you could be denied bond. Here are a few reasons you could be denied bond. Judge's Decision A judge has the right to take into consideration certain aspects of a defendant's situation when considering d…Read More

  2. You Might Find Yourself Under Arrest in Ottawa County and in Need of a Bail Bonds Company

    It is likely you aren't reading this because you are thinking about going out and getting arrested, this is not how most people start their day. But unfortunately, we all make mistakes or sometimes we wind up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Some of you might even find yourselves a victim of an injustice. There are any number of reasons you might find yourself under arrest in Ottawa County an…Read More