In Kentwood a woman in need received a touching act of kindness to close out 2015. A stranger helped pay for a big car repair bill. On New Year’s Eve, a customer at Fox Saab came in to get her car fixed, but the repairs were much more than she could afford. Without the $900 repair the car would have been too dangerous to drive.


Luckily a woman, who was in the waiting room at the same time, overheard what was happening and offered to pay the bill. “I sort of went in to shock,” said Dewey Anderson of Fox Saab. “I said, ‘the whole thing?'”


“It just really speaks volumes to how good our customers really are,” said service technician Jeff Mox, who worked on the car. “There’s a lot of really giving, caring people in our community.”

Fox Saab also donated some of the labor costs to help reduce the cost of the repair.