A Flint man says his appendix burst, he had to have a piece of his colon removed and now must use a colostomy bag after he was refused medical care while inside the Genesee County Jail.

Raheen Dudley filed a lawsuit against the Genesee County Jail alleging gross negligence and violations of Dudley’s civil rights.

The case was filed on behalf of Dudley by the law firm of Geoffrey Fieger. A representative of the firm could not be reached for comment.

The lawsuit claims his medical problems occurred after being jailed in 2016.

On Sept. 14, Dudley submitted a request for health services at the Genesee County Jail to see a doctor regarding severe pain in his lower stomach, according to the lawsuit filed March 13 in Detroit U.S. District Court. The lawsuit claims the request went unanswered.

Dudley submitted a second request on Sept. 16 because of extreme stomach pains, vomiting, headaches and inability to eat or sleep, the lawsuit said.

He was seen by a nurse the same day and it was documented he had a fever of 100 degrees, but the doctor refused to treat Dudley and refused to send Dudley for emergency treatment, according to the lawsuit.

The next day, Sept. 17,  Dudley sent another request for health treatment and complained of shortness of breath, terrible pain in his lower stomach, vomiting for three days, severe headaches, difficulty walking and sleeping.

He also asked to go to the hospital because it felt like a “life or death situation,” the lawsuit alleges.

Five days after Dudley began complaining, on Sept. 19, he was seen by Dr. Lloyd and was given Tylenol and a urinalysis was performed, the lawsuit alleges. Lloyd diagnosed Dudley with possible appendicitis and it was recommended he be sent to the emergency room for evaluation.

On Sept. 20, six days after his initial complaint, Dudley had surgery, according to the lawsuit.

Ultimately, his appendix burst and he had to undergo bowel resection. A piece of his colon had to be removed and he has to wear a colostomy bag.