1. Teen duo get prison for armed robberies in Muskegon

    A duo that was convicted of armed robbery in downtown Muskegon will do prison time for their crimes. Marcus Lajuan Pollard, 18, of Muskegon, was sentenced  April 25, 2017, in Muskegon County's 14th Circuit Court. William C. Marietti of Muskegon County's 14th Circuit Court sentenced Pollard to 7-20 years in prison for two counts of armed robbery. Pollard earlier had pleaded no contest to the charg…Read More

  2. Teen blames bad drugs for breaking into house to shower

    BAY CITY, MI -- Some ecstasy combined with nostalgia for his boyhood home is what led a Bay County teen to break into a house to take a shower, have a beer, and watch TV. If he manages to keep out of trouble for the next year, the felony he racked up won't stay on his record. On Monday, April 24, 18-year-old Luke A. Weismiller appeared before Bay County Circuit Judge  for sentencing on a convicti…Read More

  3. One shot during daylight shoot-out in Muskegon Heights

    One man was shot during a daylight shoot-out on Seventh Street in Muskegon Heights Wednesday afternoon. Witnesses said 15 to 20 shots were exchanged between at least two subjects, and possibly more, in the area of Seventh and Columbia Avenue. One man was shot in the stomach and was taken from the scene by ambulance. He was conscious, breathing normally and talking One suspect was in custody later …Read More

  4. ‘What the hell have I done?’ says man accused of locking away missing Saginaw teenage girl

    A 43-year-old Wisconsin man faces up to life in federal prison on accusations he drove a 14-year-old Saginaw girl from her home to his, more than 425 miles away, with the intent to commit sex acts. The teen was unable to communicate with anyone other than the man and felt she was held captive, locked away in his apartment, for almost the entire week she was missing, according to the federal crimin…Read More

  5. Repeat sex offender gets prison for molesting teen

    63 year old Ylario Morales Calanchi is headed to prison after pleading guilty to assaulting a teenager last year. Judge Marietti of Muskegon County's 14th Circuit Court on Monday sentenced Calanchi to a term in the Michigan Department of Corrections between 15 months and 7.5 years for assault with intent to commit criminal sexual contact. The crime was alleged to have occurred Nov. 19, 2016, in No…Read More

  6. Video shows women damaging party store before employee gets ran over in parking lot

    Surveillance camera video shows three women damaging a party store moments before a store employee was run over in the parking lot. Workers at T & J Party store say they want to identify the women and have released the surveillance video and still images of them. The employee, had a broken pelvis, broken ribs, broken teeth and bleeding on the brain after the incident, according to a family fri…Read More

  7. Sex traffickers sent to prison for pimping out 14 year old girls.

    Two Battle Creek men were sentenced to 20 years in prison for prostituting two 14-year-old girls. William Jeffrey-Davis Edwards and Dakota Walters were sentenced this week by U.S. District Judge Quist in Grand Rapids. Once their prison terms end, they will be on supervised release for 10 years. A third defendant, Michael Ray Noble II, was sentenced to four years in prison and five years on supervi…Read More

  8. 5 questions on Grand Rapids police racial bias and how Grand Rapids responded

    Grand Rapids residents have spent the last two evenings publicly admonishing the city's police department following newly-released data proving implicit racial bias is a factor in traffic stops. The study shows black motorists are twice as likely to be stopped by police within the city limits as non-black drivers. "The findings are very disappointing," reiterated City Manager Greg Sundstrom. "This…Read More

  9. Telephone pole falls on two pedestrians, seriously injuring them

    Two pedestrians were reported seriously hurt when a telephone pole fell on top of them as they walked alongside Whitehall Road Tuesday. Neighbors said a tree branch came down on line attached to a pole, causing the pole to snap. A street light was attached to the pole that landed on two women who were walking down the road. Two women, ages 70 and 57, were taken by ambulance to Mercy Health Partner…Read More

  10. 1-year-old found dead in Muskegon day care, 8 year old girl is a suspect

    MUSKEGON, MI - An 8-year-old child is a suspect in the death of a toddler at a Muskegon day care, according to the police chief who said it's one of the worst cases he's ever seen. The 1-year-old boy was found dead in the home Friday morning after apparently being left unsupervised for an extended period. The day care home, Keysa Keepers Daycare is in the 700 block of Catherine Street. The suspect…Read More