1. Gang rivalry motivated shooting that killed one, injured eight

    During his testimony, Devante Granderson said a past gang-related incident where someone urinated on the grave of an Uptown gang member may have motivated Lowery in the shooting. At about 3:45 a.m. on Oct. 9, Grand Rapids Police responded to the report of a shooting at the 28th Street location. Boykin was found dead at the scene. Earlier in the night, there had been a birthday party in Muskegon. T…Read More

  2. 37-year-old Grand Rapids man shot 3 times, police seek help to find suspect

    WYOMING, MI -- A 37-year-old Grand Rapids man was hospitalized after being shot at least three times Sunday morning. Although several individuals were present at the scene of the shooting when the Wyoming Department of Public Safety arrived, none cooperated with the investigation.┬áPolice have no suspect information or description. On Sunday, Jan. 22 at approximately 4:30 a.m., the Wyoming Departm…Read More