Chores and running errands are just a part of life and never end. Just as soon as you drop off the kids at school and stop at the post office to mail a package, you get a text from your spouse asking if you can stop by the store to pick up a few necessities. You then get home only to have to endure chores.

You have to cook dinner. And then you have to clean up after dinner. You spend an hour scrubbing pots and pans and just as you finish the last one, your youngest son waltzes in the kitchen with another stack of plates to wash. You go to bed exhausted and completely defeated.

Is there anything worse than having to run errands and do chores? Yes, sitting in jail is much worse.

In fact, while you are sitting in jail, you will dream about all of the errands you used to do and the chores that you hated so much. But somehow, the errands and chores you hated so much don’t seem all that bad compared to sitting in jail. 1st Assured Bail Bonds, your Grand Rapids bondsman, gives you this list of errands and chores that are way better than sitting in jail.

Going to the DMV

If you were to ask random people in the street the worst possible errand they have to run, the majority would probably agree that going to the DMV tops the list. There are people who would rather get a root canal than have to sit at the DMV.

Going to the Dentist

Going to the dentist to get a painful treatment is definitely going to ruin your day, but then, so is sitting in jail. At least when you are done with that root canal, you get to leave and enjoy the comforts of your home and sleep in your own bed.

Poop Scooping

Whether you have to clean out the cat’s litter box or search out doggie doo-doo in the backyard, cleaning up after your pets is still way better than sitting in jail.

Unplugging the Toilet

It has happened to most people and it will happen to you to be sure; the toilet will get clogged and you will have to “take the plunge.” Having to use a plunger to unplug the toilet is a nasty chore that nobody likes to do, but it still beats sitting in jail.

Taking Out the Trash

This is a chore that everybody has done a million times. It never ends. You walk by the trash bin and as usual, it’s overflowing with wet coffee grounds, banana peels and other gross stuff and needs to be taken out. You take the garbage out knowing that you will wind up having to do it again tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. Still, taking the garbage out is better than sitting in jail.

If you have a loved one sitting in jail, call 1st Assured Bail Bonds so they can bond them out and get their chores and errands done.