In our world right now there is a scale of problems that range from not getting the color of leather trim you desired in your Cadillac Escalade to running out of data while trying to watch the latest episode of Lost in Space on Netflix on your iPhone. And if you turn to social media to gripe about the bad day you are having because of this, get ready to suffer the wrath of people who just don’t care about your problems.

Truth be told, there are any numbers of things that happen that can utterly ruin your day. Here are just a few.

Getting Arrested

This tops the list because everything else we discuss that can ruin your day is trivial in comparison. You could wind up behind bars because you spaced out a court date or because you failed to pay a fine or something worse. Regardless the reason, sitting in jail totally messes up your entire day.

The good news is there is something you can do about it. Call 1st Assured Bail Bonds, your bondsman in Grand Rapids, and we will get you out as soon as possible.

No Hot Water

One minute you are standing under a scaldingly beautiful sauna of personal joy and the next second you are drowning in a stream of tepid water. There just is no happiness taking a cold shower.

To be sure, there is somebody to blame, but whether it’s a roommate, child or spouse, it doesn’t change the fact that your whole day is now ruined.

Lopsided Texting

You are all familiar with the type of texts that cause you to close your eyes, smile and hit the send button knowing you just created a masterpiece. It should be, you slaved over this text for nearly 20 minutes. This is a text that is the perfect combination of detached, coy, witty, intriguing and flirtatious content that should be awarded some sort of literature prize.

The response you get, “LOL,” is enough to send you through the roof. Day ruined.

Spacing the Old Spice

There is that moment when you feel the hot, prickly sweat dripping from your armpit and it makes you realize in a moment of pure horror that you are, indeed, not wearing any antiperspirant or deodorant.

In addition to being uncomfortable and smelling rather ripe, you come to the realization that you will also probably wind up with sweat stains on your favorite work shirt. And your day is completely ruined.

Getting the Wrong Food

You spaced out your deodorant and had to take a cold shower, you are having a bad day. But you are looking forward to lunch, which makes things a little better. You have waited all morning for the steak burrito with cilantro-lime rice from Chipotle only to find they messed up and gave you the wrong order. Instead, you have to suffer through a shredded tofu and black bean burrito that will surely give you gas.

If you are having a bad day because you got arrested and are now sitting in jail, give 1st Assured Bail Bonds a call. And then celebrate getting out of jail with a trip to Chipotle.