Surveillance camera video shows three women damaging a party store moments before a store employee was run over in the parking lot.

Workers at T & J Party store say they want to identify the women and have released the surveillance video and still images of them.

The employee, had a broken pelvis, broken ribs, broken teeth and bleeding on the brain after the incident, according to a family friend of the store owner. Yoon was working about 1:40 a.m. Saturday, April 22 when a customer pulled up to the drive-though window.

He said the customer began complaining about the price of an item and, after some back-and-forth, Yoon eventually ended up shutting the drive-through window.

The customer, one of three women in the vehicle, then came into the store to continue arguing.

At some point the other two women came into the store. Soon after, they all began to leave and started pulling down displays and swiping merchandise off shelves.

Yoon ran after the women as they left the store.

In the parking lot, Yoon tried to confront the women. They already were in a car and began backing away. She was on the side of the vehicle, trying to confront them. The driver put it in reverse and turned the steering wheel. The vehicle ran right over her.

The three women then left the scene.