Many Americans will have the displeasure of experiencing, first-hand, the inside of a jail cell. But if you think that only criminals wind up in such a place then you need to open your eyes and reconsider. According to FBI estimates as cited by the Wall Street Journal, there have been over a quarter billion arrests in the last 20 years, a surge that is marked by law enforcement cracking down on even minor offenses and making arrests. This means there are a lot of people who will need the help of a trustworthy Grand Rapids bondsman.

Now while most arrests that are made are quite legitimate and necessary, there are plenty of arrests being made for the silliest of reasons. Here are a few ridiculous reasons people have been sent to jail.

A Gainsville, Florida resident was riding in the passenger seat of a car that was pulled over and had her bag searched where a spoon that had just been used to eat Spaghettios was discovered. However unlikely, the police conducted a test on the spoon and it came up positive for methamphetamines, so the owner of the spoon was arrested. Not to worry though, thorough lab results would eventually exonerate her.

There have been a few known instances of perfectly innocent citizens being arrested for having homemade hand soap on their possession. Iy seems this type of soap closely resembles cocaine.

There are also plenty of examples of people getting arrested for every minor infraction like jaywalking and swearing to spitting on the ground and loitering.

So keep these stories in mind next time you are crossing the street.