Thanksgiving is nearly here and family bonding may not happen unless a Grand Rapids bail bondsman is part of the picture. We are not making jokes at anyone’s expense, it remains a sad fact that if you have a family member who has been recently arrested, they may miss Thanksgiving dinner if you cannot bail them out. This is why you need our help. You see, unless you can come up with the full amount of bail money, you will need the help of a respected bail bonds company.

A judge is responsible for setting bail. But because most people want to get out of jail as soon as possible, most jails have a standardized bail schedule that specifies bail amounts for the most common of crimes. This way, it is even quicker for somebody to bail out of jail as there is no need to have a judge post a bail schedule first.

Now, bailing somebody out of jail might not be the most pleasant of tasks unless you have someone who can help. Like we stated earlier, unless you have the full amount of bail money at your disposal, you will need the services of a bondsman if you want your loved one home for the holiday dinner.

So if you are stressing out because of loved one has been arrested and is sitting in jail, we can help. Bailing somebody out of jail isn’t very difficult, but coming up with the money often is. Which is why you need to give us a call.