When you or a loved one is arrested, one of the great benefits of the United States justice system is that most defendants hold the ability to get out of jail by simply posting bail. Basically, what this means is that you pay a fee to the court that is then fully refundable when you show up for your court date. Unfortunately, in many cases the amount of money required for bail is more than many people have on hand. This is the reason you need to utilize the services of a Grand Rapids bail bonds company. There are many myths concerning a bondsman. Let’s clear a few things up.

There are many people who wrongly believe that any fees paid to a bondsman will be refunded after appearing in court. However, the amount that you pay the bondsman is a non-refundable fee. Only the bond bail company will get a refund, but this is only the amount of money they put up for you to get out of jail.

There are also those who believe that they will have to come up with more money to pay their bondman when they show up at court. If you show up to court as agreed, you will not owe any additional money to the bond bail company. However, failure to show up in court at the scheduled time could result in bail default, which means you will have to pay the full amount of bail to your bondsman.

When you need a bail bondsman, we are here to help.