It is likely you aren’t reading this because you are thinking about going out and getting arrested, this is not how most people start their day. But unfortunately, we all make mistakes or sometimes we wind up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Some of you might even find yourselves a victim of an injustice. There are any number of reasons you might find yourself under arrest in Ottawa County and in need of a bail bonds company. It is very important that you act with decency jailduring your arrest so you don’t complicate your case. If you find yourself under arrest, follow these important tips.jail

Be Polite

It is critical that you remain polite and professional during the course of your arrest. You need to keep reminding yourself that the police officers, jail guards and other staff are just doing their jobs, it isn’t anything personal. But if you try to make it a personal issue, things will go sideways very quickly. Your actions and demeanor will be noted in great detail and even taken into consideration during your criminal case. So don’t make your situation even worse by losing your cool.

Right to Remain Silent

When you are placed under arrest, you do have a right to remain silent. But police officers and other jail personnel are going to ask questions as you proceed through booking. Our advice is to only answer questions that pertain to the booking process like your name, address, birth date and so on. You do not need to answer any questions that reference the crime of which you are accused.

After you have been arrested and we have been called, we will work diligently and quickly to garner your release.