If you are ever arrested in Ottawa County, the first thing you should do is call a bail bonds company. And while we will help bail you out as quickly as possible, you might find yourself in an interrogation room with the police questioning you. If the police are talking to you even after you are in jail, it could be because they are looking for more evidence to give them an even stronger case against you.

If you think that by talking to the police, you can help your cause, it is simply not true. No matter what you say, they aren’t going to release you. Even if you are innocent and you tell them so, they will not likely believe you. Your best bet is to invoke your right to remain silent. Here are the reasons why. 


Even if you are guilty and want to take a load off your shoulders, there is no rush to do so. There will be plenty of time to plead your guilt at a later stage of the process. You will want to get an attorney first and have them help you sort through everything and get something in exchange for accepting responsibility. In fact, in some situations you could garner immunity. But confessing the police will get you none of this, you will get nothing.

White Lies

This happens quite often. People who are completely innocent of a crime might talk a lot vehemently asserting their innocence and get confused and deny something that happened. The reason they tell the lie is because they want to sound as innocent as possible. Once you lie, it can and will be used against you when your case goes to trial. Again, the best thing to do is keep quiet.

For example, if you have been arrested for stealing and were pulled over for speeding, you might not want to admit you were speeding because it can make you look bad. But is also makes you look bad if you are lying about it.


While being questioned by the police, you might inadvertently give up a detail that they will turn and use against you, even though you are completely innocent. You might be in jail for assault and inadvertently tell the police how you never really got along with the guy that was assaulted.

When questioned by the police, you should just remain silent.