dreamstime_xxl_15337740Co-Signing for Bail Bonds is a Big Responsibility

When friends or family members come into our Grand Rapids bail bonds office to secure the release of their loved one, they are eager to get the work done as quickly as possible. That’s understandable; having a loved one in jail can be scary. However, before we allow a friend or family member to sign for a bail bond for their loved one, we make sure they absolutely understand what they’ll be responsible for once their loved one is released.

Know Your Responsibilities As a Co-Signer

When you sign for Muskegon bail bonds, you’ll be responsible for a number of things, including:

  • Knowing where the bonded party is at all times.
  • Ensuring they check in with our bondsman.
  • Making sure they show up for their court dates.
  • Notifying our team if the bonded party moves or leaves the area.

If you don’t follow through on these responsibilities, you may end up losing the money you’ve put up for their bail bond. You could be subject to further fines from the court, as well, as well as any expenses necessary to find the bonded party should they disappear.

dreamstime_xxl_30964861How to Protect Yourself as a Co-Signer

When you are considering signing for a bail bond for a loved one, you need to stop and think about their dependability. Do you believe they will do everything that they can to make their court date? Do you have any reason to believe they might be a flight risk? Are they safer inside the jail? If you aren’t sure or don’t know the person very well, you may be better off not signing for the bail bond.

The second thing that you can do is stay in constant contact with our bail bondsman. Let us know about your loved one’s movement or if you aren’t able to find them. This keeps us up-to-date on their whereabouts and prevents any surprises on court day.

When You are Ready to Sign, We’re Here

If you know the person well, are reasonably sure they’ll appear for all of their court dates, and can afford to pay for the bond costs, then it’s time to call our office. You can reach us by calling toll free at 888-203-4841 or by contacting us through our website. Our friendly and professional team will get in touch with you to help quickly arrange for the release of your loved one.