Sometimes through actions that you don’t normally do or through mistakes or just plain bad luck, some of you will find yourselves in a situation with an unhappy consequence. You will wind up having to spend some time in jail. Unless you call 1st Assured Bail Bonds, your bail bonds service in Muskegon, then you will get out of jail as soon as possible.

But if that isn’t an option or you are just too stubborn to call a bondsman, then you will have to deal with the fact that you will spend at least some time in jail before you can get released. At the very least, you will have to spend the night in jail.

Now, this can be scary, even for people who have been to jail before. But it can really cause fear and anxiety for those who have never been behind bars before. What you need to remember is to stay calm, cool and keep telling yourself it is just for one night. Once you have accepted the fact that you have to spend the night in jail, you can then start thinking rationally about what you need to do to cope with such a horrifying situation.

Try to Get a Single Cell

First of all, all of that strip and search stuff in the movies really does happen in jail. Basically, they want to make sure you aren’t sneaking anything into jail. That said, you will be left with nothing but the jumpsuit and sandals they give you to wear.

This also means that you don’t have anything to barter with including money or cigarettes. So if you want to bribe somebody into giving you a cell all to yourself, you have nothing to give. But you could just ask nicely, it has been known to work.

The nice thing about being all alone in a cell is that nobody is going to bother you and you will get at least some sleep.

Obey Corrections Officers

You might wind up in a situation where a corrections officer tells you to do something. If this happens, comply quickly, quietly and don’t give them any attitude. Even if you feel they are being rude, suck it up and do what they ask anyway.

Keep to Yourself

Jail isn’t the best of places to get all social and make new friends. Your best bet for an uneventful stay at jail is to keep to yourself and minimize banter with other cellmates.

And although you might be a nervous wreck, angry or on the brink of tears, such behavior will only mark you as someone others might mess with.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Even if you have a call all to yourself, don’t go taking off all of your clothes to go to sleep in the name of comfort. You might be more comfortable not wearing socks to bed, but should something transpire in the middle of the night, you will want to be fully dressed and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The best advice we can give if you find yourself in jail is to give 1st Assured Bail Bonds a call, this way you won’t have to worry about spending the night.