Right after an arrest, the first person you are likely to call is a bail bonds agent in Muskegon, the second person you will call is an attorney. This is because while the person most able to get you out of jail as soon as possible is a bail bondsman, the person who will be representing you and helping you through your court ordeal is an attorney.

How would it feel to have a job where people not only look up to you, but they put their entire faith in what you do for them? That is sure a lot of responsibility. But then, a career in law is nothing short of exciting and extraordinary.

There is little doubt that in order to become a lawyer, you must commit a great amount of time and money. And you must also come to terms with the fact you will have to deal with some pretty low characters who you would usually never even acknowledge in public places.

Nevertheless, becoming a lawyer is a privilege and comes with a whole lot of benefits as well. Here are just a few reasons you should seriously become a criminal lawyer.


It’s a fact that most lawyers rake in a lot of money and it is a big incentive in choosing it as a career. You can even start out in the business making some pretty good money, so the rewards aren’t years away like some probably think.

Today’s lawyers enjoy a life of glamorous status


You can impress others by wearing an expensive watch like a Rolex, or by becoming an attorney. Two words that come to mind when thinking about attorneys are respect and prestige. Lawyers epitomize the definition of professionalism and success.

Help Others

Becoming an attorney isn’t all selfishness. Becoming a lawyer means you do your best serving individuals, groups and organizations with their legal hurdles. Public lawyers aid legal causes for the greater good of society and assist those who cannot afford an attorney. Victims of domestic abuse, the elderly and children are among those who benefit from lawyers.

Diverse Career

Lawyers do so much more than just defend people accused of crimes. There are uncountable areas of law ranging from media law to research to animal law to sports. The range is huge and there will definitely be some area of interest in which you can excel.

Career Fulfillment

Being a lawyer is a fascinating career and there won’t be very many moments that you will feel bored. With all of the satisfactions you get from being an attorney, you will feel fulfilled each day you go to work. The variety of work you do is also essential in ensuring you look forward to each and every Monday morning.


If you just don’t feel fully dressed unless you are wearing a suit, then you will love being a lawyer. Not only do lawyers need to look slick and stylish in the courtroom, they somehow manage to do it with so much grace and very little effort.

Maybe a career as a lawyer is for you.