When a friend or loved one gets arrested, you might be tempted to handle the whole thing all on your own. That’s not a good idea. Your best bet is to hire a bail bond agent from 1st Assured Bail Bonds in Grand Rapids.

Getting arrested is very stressful, not only for the person who is in jail, but for their family and friends as well. Jail is not a pleasant place to be. It is usually a cold place with unfriendly people who are not at all happy to be in their situation.

The truth is that being in jail will take a toll on you mentally, physically and emotionally. Sadly, you find yourself in a situation that can leave your finances in shambles as well. Unless, of course, you hire a bondsman. Here are a few really good reasons you should hire a bail bondsman should you find yourself in jail or if a friend or loved one winds up in jail.

Money Tied Up for Months

If you put up the cash to bond yourself out or to bond a friend or loved one out of jail, the court will hold on to that money for the duration of the case.

This might not be so bad should everything run its course in a relatively short time, but we all know how slow the system is. This means your money could be tied up for several months, perhaps even longer depending on the case.

The legal process is long and you just don’t know when you can expect to get your money back.

Less Time in Jail

With the help of a bonding agent, you can get out of jail more quickly. In many cases, you could be released in a short period of time. Bail bondsmen are professionals who know just what to do to get you out of jail in a very timely manner.

If you are unable to pay your bond, you will sit in jail far longer than necessary. A bail bondsman drastically reduces the time you sit in jail.

Legal Work

In addition to paying your bond, a bail bondsman is able to navigate the complex and complicated legal paperwork on your behalf. Even the smallest of errors could delay proceedings and you would have to sit in jail longer.

Understand the Law

Bail bondsmen are professionals who understand incarceration and law and they can provide you with the answers to many of your questions.

Bond in Full

Bail bondsmen are capable of submitting your bond in full to the court and will charge you a small percentage. This means you only pay a small portion of your bond to get out of jail.

1st Assured Bail Bonds Agency is a friendly and trusted licensed bail bonding company that services all counties within the state of Michigan including Ottawa County, Wayne County and Kalamazoo County. 1st Assured Bail Bonds is located in Kent County, Grand Rapids, with agents strategically located in many other Michigan counties to provide the quickest and the most reliable services for all our clients.